DSP Technologies Model 5430 Mark II Translator

   Product Specification


The DSP-5430 Mark II Translator is the ideal solution for integrating dissimilar host/peripheral devices for mission critical applications.  It transfers data efficiently- up to 10 MByte/sec and connects up to 7 SCSI devices for expanded storage capacity. In addition, the DSP-5430 Mark II delivers unrivaled system and peripheral compatibility.


Features and Benefits

The DSP-5430 Mark II is the newest addition to the DSP Technologies family of industrial controllers and DSP products and is based on the Power PC architecture.  The 132 MIPS Power PC processor supports SCSI-2 connectivity and provides a complete communication link with the use of the embedded Linux operating system.


Using the Power PC processor, the DSP-5430 Mark II maximizes system I/O performance by utilizing the system bus to process data at transfer rates which are consistent with host system requirements.  This technology is an economical solution for legacy systems in meeting the demands of modern high-performance computing by allowing these legacy host devices to connect and benefit from the reliability, speed and storage capacities of modern SCSI-2 storage devices.

SCSI support for increased performance

The DSP-5430 Mark II provides connectivity to 8-bit SCSI devices. This connectivity allows I/O performance by using the SCSI-2 bus band-width of 10 Mbytes per second using synchronous SCSI.

Simple installation and easy, flexible configuration

The DSP-5430 Mark II is easily installed and configured. Simply install the board, then run the menu-driven SCSI select configuration utilities resident on the host adapter. These utilities eliminate the need to handle jumpers, making host adapter installation quick and easy.  In addition, the programmable active termination featured in the DSP-5430 Mark II family and controlled by the SCSI utilities make installation of external SCSI peripherals fast and simple.

Proven  quality and reliability

The DSP-5430 Mark II is based on state-of-the-art VLSI technology and provides maximum performance and reliability. To ensure compatibility with various non standard legacy systems, the DSP-5430 Mark II has undergone exhaustive compatibility testing.  In addition, each board is subjected to extensive functional and mechanical inspections and tests to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

The Power PC with Linux

DSP Technologies industrial controllers based on the Power PC with Linux combine hardware and software technology into I/O solutions which ensure the level of performance required for today's storage and high speed video applications. These products speed the flow of data from one part of the system to another, significantly improving overall performance.



Product Details

Product Description


Connect removable, back-up storage devices in legacy industrial computer and workstation environments; allows optional Ethernet and serial port connectivity

Customer Needs


Internal SCSI connectivity

System Environment


For legacy industrial computers and data bases

Data Transfer Rate


Up to 10MB/sec

Internal Connectors


50-pin Standard

Bus Type


Power PC address data bus

Package Contains


  DSP-5430 Mark II Translator Card

Installation guide ( Note: Documentation available in English only)



3-year manufacturing and materials warranty

Protocols Supported



Ethernet IEEE 802.3 (optional connector)

UART (optional connector)

Totally transparent mode with/without CRC (with optional data recovery software)

Hard Disk Capacity


Supports latest removable optical technology

Supported Operating Systems


Operating System Independent

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications


Dimensions:5.00" x 4.0"


Operating:32 F to 131 F (0 C to 55 C) 10% to 90% Relative Humidity, non condensing


Storage: -67 F to 185 F (-55 C to 85 C)


MTBF:544,000 hours


Additional Product Configurations

Translator Products


SCSI-SCSI with support for SCSI-3 devices


DSP Products


General purpose DSP for VOIP, Video Compression, Pattern Recognition, Surveillance


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